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You are unique. I know that may sound trite, but it’s completely true. Even if you’re an identical twin, your history, motivations and aspirations are particular to you. And you do have the ability to sculptyour career in directions that are personally satisfying. Those do change over the life cycle. It’s hardly a linear progression anymore (unlike for our farming ancestors who learned to farm bigger and better over time, but stayed farmers). Most of us will have to reinvent, reinvigorate, and readjust at various points in time.

If you’re reading this web page, more than likely you’re at a crossroads. Perhaps you’re about to graduate and never figured out what to do with your degree in philosophy. Or, you may feel stuck in a career rut, having become expert at the same thing for too long. Some want to leapfrog their boss and rise to the pinnacle of their chosen career. It’s possible that you want to switch gears entirely, like the scientist I coached who aspired to a floral arranging career.

Many people are concerned about “aging out” of the labor market and dealing with the “what-ifs” around job security and a shaky retirement account. Some are happy to retire from their jobs, but want to take on a new, meaningful role in philanthropy. More than likely, you are motivated to do something, or we wouldn’t be meeting on this page.

Whatever your situation, we are prepared to learn about you, discuss your aspirations (and muddlement), and help you sculpttoward your goals. This shaping process can include formal tools, like assessments, blue-sky thinking, or…whatever it takes! Different approaches work for different clients.