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“I hired Liz because I wanted to transition from engineering to business. With no prior academic or professional business experience, I thought I had set out on a nearly impossible mission. Instead, within months, I was offered a position as an associate consultant in a top business-consulting firm. Liz played a key role in this achievement. She made dramatic improvements to my resume and helped me write compelling cover letters. She taught me how to leverage linked-in to connect with the right employees of my target companies. She shared her network and personally made valuable introductions. She helped me devise a job search strategy and stay organized throughout the process. She encouraged me to persevere and kept me focused and motivated. There is no doubt in my mind that without her I would not have found this job so quickly. Besides being a terrific career coach, Liz is a wonderful person and a pleasure to work with. She is caring, patient, and diligent about following-up.”

        - MC, New York

“Working with Liz led me to a deeper understanding of my personal values, my strengths, where I have room to grow, and what it is that I deeply desire. The coaching process helped me realize that I can live my life on purpose and by design versus by default (in automatic reaction to events). The greatest tangible result of our work together is that after months of exploring my dissatisfaction with work, I took action and secured a new job that is more aligned to what I really want. This might not have happened without Liz's coaching since I was very good at just coping and tolerating things while feeling unfulfilled. I gained clarity around what I want to do, where, and what type of energy in the workplace I would like to work in. Liz is very professional and very honest. I deeply appreciate her stand for me as my coach and the possibilities that she helped me see. Growth and change can be uncomfortable but having a powerful coach like Liz gave me courage and confidence to stretch myself.”

        - KC, New York

“Liz is a terrific asset. Many coaches will do a fine resume as will Liz, but few are as indispensable after that. Whether you need help with networking, communicating with potential employers, interview preparation or have any questions about the process of finding employment, you can count on her sound judgement which is informed by the years Liz spent in human resources. She's also accessible, very responsive and encouraging. She'll have you doing things with ease that you previously found difficult. A special coach.”

        - SH, New York

“Liz is an amazing talent. In my business it is very hard to find someone who understands both the commercial and policy world in which I work, much less how to communicate the necessary information on a resume. Liz not only exceeded all of my expectations (which were high), she accomplished the work in a timely manner with deep insight skill and grace. Liz's highly engaging personality and subject matter expertise shone through from the moment I read the first draft to the end of the final product. Liz recognized that since I was not going to be applying for a new job I did not need a covering letter. Rather, she anticipated my need for an executive bio. In summary, Liz sets the standards for professional service provider at the highest level and I had a great experience working with her.”

        - DA, Canada

“Liz is one of the most talented, focused and dedicated Career Coaches I've ever met. Her insightful and pragmatic advice and encouragement enabled me to find a wonderful job—which in this 2009 economy is no small feat. Liz has a superb knowledge of both business needs and human nature, and is very user-friendly to boot. She has an innate sense of how mentor a candidate to find the right fit for both that candidate and the employer.”

        - JC, New York

“Thank you so much for your help! I am extremely happy about the new versions of the resume and cover letter! I definitely have much better chances to get the interview opportunities now. I am all set. Really appreciate your time and help!”

       - JZ, California

“Thank you again for your time and expertise! You are truly knowledgeable in marketing, communication and messaging, networking, resume preparation, and HR. It has been very good to work with you… you’ve helped me and my family immensely, and given us the best chance to move forward.”

       - BR, Virginia

“Thank you very much for all the work and considerations. It would not have been possible, if it wasn’t you.”

        - JY, Korea

“Thank you so much for the review work. It indeed is inspiring and looks great.”

        - AC, California

“I am completely satisfied with the result. Again, I want to thank you for everything! Muchas gracias!”

        - JM, France

“Liz is an outstanding career counselor and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking advice in that regard. Liz not only has strong technical competence in areas such as resume writing and networking, but she is also a great people person who is really easy to talk to. Liz is extremely dedicated to her work and really cares about all of her candidates. During these difficult times, I can not think of a better career coach than Liz.”

        - AB, New York

“Thank you for your relentless effort in getting this project done in a timely manner…I truly appreciate your professionalism.”

        - AA, Nevada

“I really like the direction you have taken this! I am very excited about this…bottom line—I feel this provides a strong backbone for me to add to later if I need to.”

        - KW, Texas

“Spot on, well done.”

        - MK, Egypt