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As a child, I discovered that reaching out to people and helping them was very natural. Over time, as a professional, I became good at solving business challenges, especially as they relate to matching people and jobs. In the early 1990s I began coaching professionals to improve their self-marketing skills as they transitioned jobs or careers.

Those who know me well will tell you that I’m not a “touchy-feely” type, and you may think that’s odd for a coach.  However, it’s my view that when people approach you for coaching, they are usually presenting a problem or challenge of some kind, and seeking counsel on how to achieve some control and confidence, and gain some efficiency toward a goal. Analysis, problem-solving and structure come into play here, along with attentive listening, encouragement and empathy.  I’ve been there myself, and more than once.  Ask me about my layoffs!

Career coaching perfectly aligns with my temperament, education and work experience.  In turn, all of these ingredients allow me to listen to you and help you to develop and sell yourstrengths. My background includes:
  • Public High School with folks from around the world—to develop appreciation for diversity
  • Rigorous college curriculum (University of Chicago)—to break down complex issues and gain the ability to discuss many things with many people
  • World-class MBA program (Northwestern’s Kellogg School)—to instill appreciation for huge challenges, and reaching a goal against all odds
  • Twenty years of corporate Talent Acquisition leadership experience for the most demanding companies, including PepsiCo and Citigroup—to hone my assessment abilities, process skills, and appreciation for organizational realities
  • Over ten years of career and executive coaching with emphasis on professionals and executives in business; coach MBAs and alumni at Cornell, Columbia, NYU, and Fordham Universities
  • Professional coaching certification (CPC) through the International Coach Federation
  • CPRW – Certification for Professional Resume Writers